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Good News from Moore Post-Tornado

May 29, 2013

Though the death toll from the powerful tornado that hit Moore on May 20 was originally reported as 51, it has since been revised downward to 24 – still terrible, for everyone affected in this small community.

Clean-up has begun, but as reported yesterday, if the debris were piled in one spot, it would reach nearly a mile high:

The deadly storm was initially categorized as EF4, but was finally estimated as EF5, the most devastating rating of all.

As the world watches, the valiant and resolute Moore community has mourned its dead and injured, and is already moving forward to build a stronger future.

There has been criticism of the lack of storm shelters in the two schools which were badly damaged. According to the Christian Science Monitor, there are differing opinions about their necessity, even in “Tornado Alley.”

Moore’s Mayor says it’s time to act, while others note it’s unlikely Moore will ever be hit again, and that the $4,000 additional cost per new home would be prohibitive. It does seem likely that new school construction will require that shelters be included – and it would be hard to argue against it. as nearly half of Moore’s victims were children who died in a place they, their teachers and parents, thought was safe.

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